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Road Tripping in Northeastern Turkey- Trabzon and Erzurum

Although we'd originally planned to drive around the Black Sea coast in late May/early June, drawn by tales of its wonderful food and beautiful beaches, a lingering pull towards the ruins of Ani led Faisel and I to plan a much different route. We covered a lot of ground in seven days, stretching time like a rubber band so that days felt like weeks. Like all trips I've taken in Turkey, I left feeling inspired and awed by the history, refreshed by its natural beauty, and warmed by the hospitality and kindness of the people we encountered along the way. Sumela Monastery Sheep on the road Kral- shop with mouthwatering pestil and köme we found along the highway. Gnom, gnom, gnom.... Can anyone ever get tired of hazelnuts?  MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm Our trip began and ended in Trabzon. We stayed near Altindere National Park where the Sumela Monastery is located. After checking into a charming wooden hotel by the river, whose rooms smelled like resin, we t

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