So far in Istanbul, so far from home

Istanbul is as multifaceted and complex as they said. It is truly a city that makes you fall in love. Just one afternoon getting lost in the windy streets of Cihangir, will have your heart pulse racing and your eyes glazed over in its charm. Until in your lovesick awe, you ram your knee full on into one of the many small posts on the sidewalk or nearly get taken out of this life by a speeding car (it sometimes seems like every driver here is trying out for a movie role as the action double in a chase scene).
Istanbul feels timeless, with its vine covered stone buildings and steep and twisting cobblestone streets. It also has an extremely modern vibrancy and excitement racing through its veins. The food here is glorious. I can’t get enough of the fruit and veggies from the local markets. Figs, peaches, hazelnuts, eggplant… and the tomatoes! I could write a page on the tomatoes alone.

 After 3 weeks of being here, I have no doubt that I’ve come to the right place. I am excited to keep exploring it and to possibly come to know it well enough to call it home.

Ortaköy Mosque (Grand Imperial Mosque)

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