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Here I am at 30. Like on every birthday, I don’t feel drastically different on this day, but it is a good marking point to think about how things have changed in the last year and the things to come. I have to say that I’ve felt overwhelmingly lucky this year- what with finding a job abroad (something I’d been dreaming of doing for years), meeting a wonderful man to share in the adventure, and finally moving to Istanbul, an exciting and fascinating place. I do feel a bit older and equally wiser, catching the glimmer of silver in my hair every now and again as I look in the mirror, while also knowing myself more profoundly with every passing day. Moving abroad has pushed me to a new level of self-discovery as I’ve struggled to navigate cultural and linguistic barriers. Living with a partner has led me to compromise and communicate more clearly, planning for ‘us’ instead of just ‘me’. The world keeps opening up and I am here with arms wide open. I am excited for what’s to come.


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