Jeremy and I have a little game we've started playing. I'm not sure how it started.. I think it was during one of our long walks through the scenic city we are now living in towards the beginning of our stay. It's sort of a time-fill and keeps us entertained on hikes or strolls.... kind of dorky, I know. It goes a little something like this- think of a word that starts with "bl", "bul", "bel"... and then tack it to the end of "Istan." For example, "What do you call a kid who steals your lunch money in this fair city?".... "an Istanbully!" or "What do you call mold growing on our ceiling in the apartment given to us by my school?"... "Istanbullshit!" "What do you get when you've been strolling along the Bosphorus all day"... "an Istanblister!" "What do you call jewelry you just bought at the Grand Bazaar?".... "Istanbling!" "What do you have when you miss home here?"... "the Istanblues!"
This is definitely quality Bazooka Bubblegum material. Admit it, you want to create some of your own... no?
Well, I'll leave you with a last few: "What do you call the fact that Jeremy and I have found a new, mold-free place to live away from the school's bubble?".... "an Istanblessing!" "What do I feel now that I know that Jeremy and I will be living in a cozy home near the city center with room for friends to visit?"........ "Istanbliss."


  1. YES! You don't realize, but you two are uniquely good at that game.


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