Dear Istanbul, Goodbye for Now

View from the Galata Bridge
The time has finally arrived to bid Istanbul farewell for now. It's hard to believe that five years have passed and I will miss so many things in this city that has given me so much. I will miss being surrounded by ancient buildings, grounded in a vast expanse of time and squeezed by the embrace of nostalgia. I will miss the layers the city is built on. I will miss the Bosphorus and its range of moods and tones, its shores perfect places for reflection. I will miss the ferry rides, where, feet propped along the outside railing, I could catch angles of the city one more beautiful than the next. I will miss hamam scrub downs and fish meals with rakı. I will miss a daily çay and popping into any dukkan for a sade soda. I will miss the gorgeous produce, a marker for the passing of the seasons, fresh and affordable. I will miss the ocakbaşı and Turkish breakfast. I will miss the call to prayer, melodic and mystical. I will miss sketching in the city, poking around the city's hans with Gabby, and checking out artisans' studios. I will miss the fabulous views and rooftop perches. I will miss my jewelry class and the joy it brought me every Sunday. I will miss the yoga community and the many good friends I've made in my time here. I am thankful for the full life I led while in Istanbul and know our affair isn't over yet. 

View from Buyuk Valide Han

Balloons, near Rumeli Hisari


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